What is Uber

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With the advent of the automobile in 1885, the taxi also made its entrance. For over 100 years, people are transported from one place to another place. Taxis are often not cheap and sometimes the communication through a taxi company does not always run smoothly. However, this is now a thing of the past with the advent of the Uber app. You’ll be picked up within a few minutes with one push of a button. With Uber, your transportation by taxi is arranged quickly and easily.

What’s Uber taxi?

What is Uber
Uber is an American company that provides an alternative taxi service through an application on the smartphone. Uber was founded in in March 2009 and has since undergone rapid growth. Meanwhile, the application can be used in dozens of countries worldwide. Using your smartphone, you can easily and quickly order a taxi that takes you to the desired destination.

How does Uber taxi work?

You can easily download the Uber app from the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, or Windows Store. Before or after downloading you can easily register by creating an account. Once you have registered, your location at Uber is known and you will see all available Uber cabs on a map. You enter your final destination, after which you get an instant price estimate. This way you know immediately what the costs are.

Uber is available for iPhone, Android, and Windows Mobile.
Uber is available for iPhone, Android, and Windows Mobile.

The average pickup time

The average pick-up time using the Uber taxi is between 5 and 15 minutes. The nice thing about the Uber app is that you can see live where your taxi is. You can, therefore, estimate how long it will be before the taxi is with you. For the exact arrival of the taxi, you can call or send a text messages to the driver. You can find the telephone number of the drivee in the Uber app.

Uber cabs are always available

Uber is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. If you want to leave, you can easily open the Uber app then it connects you to the nearest driver. Is your destination the airport, then it is recommended to book a taxi 10-15 minutes before your departure. Uber works thereby quickly and easily. It is the ideal way to get from your location to the desired destination.

The Uber Black and UberLUX

The nice thing is that you can choose from two different Uber taxis. You can make the ride as luxurious as you want. The rates of the Uber Black are slightly lower than that of regular taxis. Choose UberLUX if you make the choice for a luxury option. For a slightly higher price, you are assured of the very best drivers and the best luxury cars. Only drivers that are well rated by Uber users are eligible to ride in the UberLUX taxis.

The advantages of Uber

Uber is popular because it is simple and very user-friendly. You don’t do business with a taxi company. You control the drive directly with the driver and the payment is easy via your account. After each ride, you can judge the driver. If you are dissatisfied with the ride or when a driver did not behave properly, you can specify it using the Uber app. Additionally, you can easily opt for another driver in the future. Uber is, therefore, simple, time-saving, and above all very easy.

The cost of a taxi Uber

At Uber, how much you pay depends on the country and the city that you are. You can find the actual list of fees and rates on uber.com/cities.

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